Anita Serogina – in the final of the World Cup!

At the 25th World Championships in Dubai, Anita Serogina reached the final. Kateryna Kryva and Halyna Melnyk will fight for the bronze finals in consolation fights.

The most titled karate player of Ukraine Anita Serogina reached the world championship final in the -61 kg category. On the way to the final, she defeated Lynn Shann (Netherlands) – 1: 0, Ante Stiliana (Cyprus) – 1: 0, Indira Zuniga (Spain) – 1: 1, Anna-Johanna Nilsson (Sweden) – 2: 0 Hayu Jumaa ( Canada) – 0: 0 (according to the dumbbell).

For the first time in history, we have a Ukrainian finalist of the world championships. Our highest achievement among women was the bronze medal of the 2016 World Cup – from the same Anita Serogina.

Anita Serogina

Thus, 31-year-old Anita has at least repeated the result of the Ukrainian national team at the previous World Cup (Madrid-2018), where we had a silver medal of Valery Chobotar.

It will also be recalled that the Black Sea star once brought Ukrainian karate the first-ever award of the Grand Adult Championship (European Championship 2012, Tenerife, silver).

We sincerely congratulate Anita and Oleksandr Tonkoshkur on another historic achievement. Fight of Anita Serogina – November 20, 15:20.

On November 20th Kateryna Kryva (-50 kg) and Halyna Melnyk (-68 kg) will fight in consoling fights. They lost to the future finalists of the championship: Kateryna in the first fight – German Shari Khubrikh, and Halyna – in the third fight lost to the representative of Azerbaijan. We wish them a successful path to the bronze finals.

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