Anna Malyar: Russia doesn’t have a strategic plan; they plan for several days

The enemy is stockpiling equipment on the border with the Sumy region, but the Russians do not have a clear strategic plan for attacking Ukraine. Deputy Minister of Defense Anna Malyar stated this on the air of the national telethon.

“Whether a blow will be struck from there or not, it is impossible to say unequivocally. If, before February 24, Russia had clear strategic plans for a short but clear perspective, now they do not have this. They, too, are now situationally planning, and they have plans for a few days ahead,” said Malyar.

The Deputy Head of the Ministry of Defense drew attention to the fact that now the behavior of Putin and the Russian military command is unpredictable and overly emotional.

“There is some combined concept, but some of the actions of the Russian troops and Putin’s decisions now go beyond military logic. They are irrational, so it’s impossible to predict something unambiguously,” said Malyar.

She added that there is a risk of both the use of chemical weapons by Russia and breaking through the Ukrainian border and moving deep into the territory.

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