ArchOdessa: Restoration of painting and ceiling of Balashev’s building

The project “Architecture of Odessa” have completely reconstructed the door in the courtyard of Balashev’s tenement house. Photo by “Architecture of Odessa”.

In the 1960s, the plafond of the entrance was painted over by the forces of the Soviet housing office.

In March 2021, we cleared it by opening the author’s layer with the pattern and the original colours of the ceiling. In August 2021, the authenticity of the painting and the ceiling was restored.

Summer and winter landscapes are depicted on the mural, framed.

Monograms near the rosette are executed in the Baroque style. This whole composition is framed by geometric patterns of stars and stripes.

The central composition of the ceiling is decorated with an oval rosette with a floral motif.

The plaster frame was cleaned from the later layers to the original, strengthened, supplemented, and toned in the original tone.

Restoration of historical paintings and a ceiling is possible thanks to €2900 contributed by 364 patrons of art from Odessa and abroad.

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