Arestovich: In the future, Russia will be covered with depression and disaster for several years

Aleksey Arestovich, the adviser to the head of the OP, is convinced that Russians in the future will be covered for several years by depression and experience a moral, political and economic catastrophe.

“… But when the physical defeat begins on the battlefield with the transition of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the offensive, and at about the same time the economy begins to catch up, then the heavy pressure of illusions, into which all the free people of Russia were pressed, will immediately begin to catch up,” Arestovich believes.

He also said how, in his opinion, the Russian Federation would survive the post-war catastrophe.

“They will probably think that it was defeated somewhere far away, and we are nothing here. No, it will be a classic military defeat with all its consequences – social. This means that every Russian, physically, will be in a situation of experiencing catastrophes, moral, political, economic, etc. This flywheel is just beginning. It is not working yet,” Arestovich notes.

However, according to him, the gravest consequences, a military catastrophe, have come for understanding people.

“And such consequences as the shrinking of shagreen leather, the Russian arms market, the loss of geopolitical influence in many aspects and, in general, the transformation of Russia into a plague hut, Putin’s Russia, from which everyone shied away, this will unfold for years to come. Here is an immediate feeling of a total catastrophe: everything collapsed, and everything is wrong. And this is followed by one heartrending conclusion – “everything that we believed in turned out to be untrue,Arestovich believes.

He notes that this is the transition of a socio-political catastrophe into a personal catastrophe for every citizen who will experience it.

“The catastrophe of the army is converted into a catastrophe of the regime, the catastrophe of the economy and the army is converted into a catastrophe of the regime, and it is already converted into a personal moral catastrophe of everyone who believed in it and hoped, clicked the TV remote control, shouted “Russia – forward!” and so on, referring to the Kremlin and the Putin regime, because Russia and the Putin regime are very different things. And now they are waiting for each personally terrible moral catastrophe that is selected. It’s just putting on the boots, it hasn’t even come out yet. And already enough trouble. This is what needs to be understood. One will have to endure not just a terrible burden, but also awful years,” Arestovich is sure.

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