Arestovich named four conditions for Ukraine to win: the West “signed”

Ukraine formulated four conditions for victory in the war unleashed by Russia, and the West accepted them.

Aleksey Arestovich, the adviser to the Office of the President of Ukraine, said this.

“The collective West has clearly stated that Ukraine will determine Ukraine’s contours of victory, and our job is to help. As Scholz said yesterday: “If anything, we will help for decades, we are ready.” This is not in the sense of the duration of the war, but in the sense of post-war reconstruction, and so further,” he said.

According to Arestovich, a package of four conditions for Ukraine’s victory is being considered in the West:

“They are already using it doctrinally as an element of planning. These four conditions are very simple, they were in the open media.”

An adviser to the Office of the President listed these conditions:

  • complete liberation of territories;
  • extradition of war criminals;
  • payment of reparations;
  • the overthrow of Putin.

“Everything is certain, everything is very simple. This is how we formulated victory, and they (in the West) signed that they would help us achieve this in every possible way,” Arestovich added.

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