Arestovich: scandalous Kadyrovites at the front struck a blow at the allied Buryats

The Russian command decided to separate the units of the Buryats and Kadyrovtsy. The latter inflicted several artillery strikes on the “brothers”.

Aleksey Arestovich, the adviser to the head of the presidential office, said that civil strife in the Russian army between the Buryats and Kadyrovtsy led to their units being divided.

Arestovich stated this on June 13 in a conversation with Russian human rights activist and journalist Mark Feygin.

“The brave groups near Vasilievka, they were divided. Part went to the Kherson direction, part – to Severodonetsk. What’s more, the Kadyrovites went to Severodonetsk, and the Buryats went to Kherson. Do you know why? There is a horrible relationship between them. They also had a showdown in Chernobaevka, and now it’s gotten to the point where the scandalous Kadyrovites inflicted a couple of artillery strikes on the Buryats. Therefore, they were taken and sent to Severodonetsk as a punishment, because they somehow misbehave, and the Buryats were sent away from sin to the Kherson direction,” Arestovich said.

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