Arestovich: The capture of Lyman can accelerate the liberation of the entire Donbas

Suppose the Ukrainian military is able to liberate the Liman of the Donetsk region from the invaders. In that case, this will help speed up the de-occupation of the entire territory of Donbas.

It is reported by the adviser to the Office of President Aleksey Arestovich on the air of Feygin Live.

According to him, the Ukrainian military cannot yet liberate Liman and secure a right-bank foothold across the Oskol River.

“There is a complicated forest junction towards Borovaya: forests, railways, a lot of concrete. Only three BTGs are defending there, but they have already recovered from the first shock. They are quite professional and motivated, and we cannot get through them,” he said.

Arestovich noted that if the Armed Forces of Ukraine can de-occupy Liman and maintain the sufficient offensive potential to move to the line near Svatove, arrange a “big battle,” and reach Kremennaya, then the entire defense of the Russians in the Luhansk region will collapse.

Then, according to him, the Ukrainian military will be able to reach the northern borders of the so-called “LPR”.

“And if we take the ‘LPR’, then we go to Donetsk from the rear, cut off the ‘people’s republics’ from the Russian Federation and that’s it, Donbas is liberated. They are afraid of this like fire,” the OP adviser said.

At the same time, if the Armed Forces of Ukraine “get stuck” in Lyman and the Russians manage to either knock out the defenders from these bridgeheads or prevent them from going further, the front becomes stationary for some period until one of the sides accumulates strength in order to move it again.

According to Arestovich, there is another scenario.

“Ukrainians are pressing from Seversk, according to the Russian side, if we push through there, then another opportunity arises. We conditionally cut them off from the south, take Rubizhnoye, Severodonetsk, and Lysychansk, and then we go from below to the rear behind their Svatove-Kremennaya line, then we shoot up and to the right in the direction of Schastie, and their defense collapses again because we are behind us. This is another option, it also worries them extremely,” he added.

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