Arestovich: Ukraine can solve the problem of Transnistria “in three days”

Military observer and former adviser to the Office of President Aleksey Arestovich believes that in case of an appropriate request from Moldova, Ukraine can solve the problem of Transnistria “in three days.”

He expressed this opinion during a conversation with Russian opposition and human rights activist Mark Feygin on YouTube. At the same time, he added that to help Moldova “clean up” Transnistria from invaders by military means, Ukraine will not have to wait for victory in the current war with Russia.

“Moldova is a sovereign state, and it decides for itself who to ask for help. Only by the decision of the Moldovan authorities can we help. We have the opportunity. It can be solved in three days,” Arestovich stressed.

“It is they (Russians) who want to destabilize the situation. This is what the presidents say. President Biden in Warsaw said that our support for Moldova’s territorial integrity, sovereignty, and security is unconditional. Why did he say? Because Maia Sandu flew there. And she flew in not by chance, but because these things were discussed. That is, these are the statements of the first persons of Moldova and the United States.”

He noted that Transnistria is located on the “Ukrainian” bank of the river, and it will be difficult for the Moldovan army to cross the Dniester.

“It’s much easier for us. We are a country very friendly to Moldova, and, if asked, I don’t see any obstacles,” Arestovich summed up.

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