Art exhibition about Pyotr Leshchenko at the World Odessites Club

The art exhibition dedicated to Pyotr Leshchenko will be opened at the World Odessites Club in Odessa, on December 3 at 17.00. It is a dialogue of two artists: Valentina Grigorieva and Svetlana Karpova.

Pyotr Konstantinovich Leshchenko was a famous singer in Russian Empire and later Soviet Union, universally considered “the King of Russian Tango”. He was born in Isayevo village (today, part of Odessa region).

The exhibition will show reflections on the complex and uneasy fate of Pyotr Leshchenko, nostalgia and memories of the past, reflections on love and devotion.

Two views, opinions, artistic interpretation of the amazing birth of a star in the musical horizon of the 30-40s of the twentieth century. The artists in their works, studying nature, the real motives of Odessa and the cities of Europe, transformed reality into a figurative image, starting from internal understandings, motives, emotions, as if playing with her, talking. Such a dialogue has turned out in the works of two authors.

About the authors

Svetlana Karpova is a graphic artist, a member of the Union of Marinists, associate professor of the Department of Drawing, Painting and Architectural Graphics of the AHI OGASA. Svetlana Karpova is a participant of city, regional, All-Ukrainian, International exhibitions, her works are in private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Czech Republic.
Sphere of creative interests – architectural graphics, landscape, still life.

Valentina Grigorieva is graphic painter, head of the department of drawing, painting and architectural graphics of the AHI OGASA, Member of the Odessa Marinist Union. Since 1982, she has been a constant participant in regional, All-Ukrainian and international exhibitions. Organised 2 personal exhibitions in the House of Scientists (2017), in the Art Gallery “Khudozhnik” (2020). In her creative work, Valentina Grigorieva prefers watercolour technique. She draws inspiration from studying and experimenting with space in a landscape, with colour and light in creating still lifes and genre portraits.

The opening of the exhibition will be held in compliance with all quarantine norms, therefore participation in it and visiting the exhibition is possible provided that the guests of the Club have a “green” COVID certificate and an individual mask.

The exhibition will run in the East Kazakhstan region until December 25.