Athletes from the Odessa region won silver medals at the European Beach Volleyball Championship

The silver medalists of the European U-18 Championship in Beach Volleyball were 17-year-old pupils of the KDYUSSH Chernomorsk Daria Romanyuk and Eva Serdyuk.

The championship was held in Slovenian Ljubljana, from 2 to 5 September. For Daria and Eva, these medals became the second in their careers in a competition of this level.

At the first stage, they won three wins in three matches of Group B and reached the 1/8 finals, where they defeated the pair from Slovenia Javornik / Gorjup – 2-0 (21:12, 23:25, 15:11). In the quarterfinals, the Ukrainian women defeated the Polish athletes Kjelak and Ciezkowska – 2-1 (21:16, 27:29, 15: 8), and in the semifinals – the Austrian duo Brueckner / Hohenauer – 2-1 (21:18, 20: 22, 15: 6). In the final, Romanyuk and Serdyuk lost to Leone Kernen and Muriel Bossard from Switzerland – 1-2 (21:19, 18:21, 7:15).

In the first set, the Ukrainians were in the lead for a long time (11: 5, 14:11), then the Swiss managed to equalize the score (16:16), but thanks to Daria’s successful strikes, the scales tipped towards our team – 21:19. In the second set, athletes from the Odessa region were already mainly in the role of catch-up. At first, the Swiss, due to more resourceful actions in the attack, took the lead with a score of 4: 1. Thanks to the serve and the block, Tatyana Sukhina’s charges leveled the score (7: 7), but there was a failure at the equator of the set. Due to the mistakes of the Ukrainian women in the attack, the opponents went into the five-point lead – 17:12. The athletes from Chernomorsk reduced the gap to two points (17:19), but the Swiss had the last word.

In the decisive set, the opponents immediately seized the advantage (5: 1). Ukrainian women, in turn, could not break through the opponents’ defense, no matter how hard they tried, in addition, they made many mistakes. We didn’t get the game right. As a result – 7:15 in the game and 1: 2 in the match.

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