“Atom”: ELEEK developed electric bicycles for the AFU

ELEEK, a Ukrainian is a Ternopil-based company, specializing in the production of electric bicycles, has launched the production of electric bikes for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. For many years in Ternopil operates electric bike workshop, which brings together under one roof real professionals and a mild electric fans. The compny is constantly developing and testing various new products and take an active part in promoting ekotrasportu in Ukraine and abroad.

The model has been tested and finalized taking into account the wishes and needs of our fighters. The new ELEEK Atom is a high-speed all-terrain electric bike.

  • The maximum speed is up to 90 km/h, the mileage on one charge is up to 150 km.
  • Load capacity – 150 kg.
  • Engine pressure – 3,000 W (4 fps), recharge time – 5 years.
  • Electric bicycles are light and almost silent, which allows you to drive up to enemy positions unnoticed.
  • They have already managed to show their potential in the hot spots and help their brave owners successfully complete tasks.

The Ukrainian-made electric bike costs about 127-133 thousand.

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