Attack of Belarus: Arestovich spoke about the enemy disinformation operation

Aleksey Arestovich, the adviser to the head of the Presidential Office, said that Lukashenko’s regime is running a grandiose disinformation operation with Putin’s – “the threat of an invasion by the Belarusian side.”

He expressed this opinion in a conversation with Russian human rights activist Mark Feygin.

“There is no real threat. In order to create it, the Belarusian army must mobilize for at least a month and a half … It cannot do this without Russian troops. And they are not there, there are only service personnel … All these terrible tales that Belarus will now invade, it’s one of the most pop memes of this war,” he said.

He also said that for a full-fledged attack from Belarus, another 15-20 thousand Russian troops are needed, which are not there now.

“There is no threat of an attack from Belarus in the coming weeks. When there is one, I will wear black, wink a lot and say ‘very high probability,'” he added.

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