Barbie: Ladies of Ukraine

The exhibition “Barbie: Lady of Ukraine” was opened in the Odessa “Antoshka”. The best doll masters from all over the country (Kharkov, Kyiv, Odessa, Tulchyn, Vinnytsia) turned Barbie dolls into prominent Ukrainian ladies, including Princess Lybid and Anna Yaroslavna, Maria Zankovetska and Lesya Ukrainka, Ruslana Lyzhychko and Oksana Karavanska, MP Yana Zinkevych and volunteer Kateryna Nozhevnikova, Yulia Sanina from the duo The Hardkiss and rap singer Alyona Alyona.

The focus of the masters is the clothes of the heroines. You can see how fashion changes over the years, but it gives the opportunity to reflect a woman’s personality, emphasize her inner world and culture, environment and life positions. After Odessa (till 14 March), the exhibition will travel to Kyiv (March 16-28) and around the country, puppet museums of Dnipro, Vinnytsia and Lviv are waiting for it.

Many professional doll masters were discouraged by the task of the organisers to create a successful image in just one month. However, it is obvious that the plan was realised.

We wanted to show that women in Ukraine is a power. They can do anything, and we must not forget about them

Elena Filippova, organiser of the exhibition

Among the masters who worked on the project were winners of international puppetry competitions, folk doll researchers, collectors and exhibition organisers.

Project organisers: “Antoshka“, ToyDico (the official representative of Mattel, Inc. in Ukraine) and Puppet Culture.

The exhibition will run in Odessa until March 14.