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Hit The Fitz

26 Jun, 2020
Hit The Fitz

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Just don’t blame us for the headache tomorrow!

Serving an international jet-set crowd, drinks are organized by flavor profile, and the ones that incorporate champagne are the best place to start. It's all about The Fitz Bar! The logo is a cheerful monkey with martini glass, as a symbol of carefree fun and celebration.

March 7, 2016 was the date of the official opening of The Fitz bar in Odessa. Its large windows open on to the street, although the sign outside is almost unnoticeable. Having crossed the threshold, The Fitz immediately conquers by its interior. An interesting combination of green-blue smudges on the time-worn walls with leather furniture plunges into the atmosphere of American bars of the Prohibition period, perfectly recreated by interior designer Denis Belenko.

Life here seemed to freeze and it is not the 21st century outside. There are shabby armchairs, crystal glassware in a large cupboard and a long bar counter - it's a kind of time portal in the city center of Odessa.

The name of the bar refers to the images of Scott Fitzgerald, as well as Hemingway, who paid so much attention to the drinking of wine, cider and other alcoholic drinks in the “A Moveable Feast”.

Only a chic central chandelier makes you invigorate restoring connection with reality. At the long bar counter, which begins from the entrance, there are simple Viennese chairs decorated with metal backs with a logo - the letter F. They are echoed by solid and transparent metal lamps hanging above. A stand behind the bartender made of shiny metal has a shape symbolically resembling Russian roulette...

Going deeper into the bar along rows of chairs, you'll find yourself in a small second room. In an ode to the revival of bar culture, a barbershop enters with a second line - the barber shop for men located right here. It refers to USA culture, in which such institutions appeared in the first half of the 20th century.

Here, each cocktail is served with a snack that perfectly complements and emphasizes its taste. You get not just a drink, but a whole complex of taste sensations.

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The Fitz Bar is delighted to announce the appointment of Federico Pasian as their new brand-bartender. Originally from Milan, Federico joined the bar team this year. With a decade of international experience, working in Italy, Spain and the Canary Islands, Federico is ready to impress the bar’s customers and introduce something different to the spoiled Odessa audience.

Federico Pasian

Photo credit: Belenco Design, The Fitz

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The Odessa Journal

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