Beach volleyball. Athletes from the Odessa region became world champions for the first time

Daria Romanyuk and Eva Serdyuk, students of the Chornomorsk State University of Youth and Sports, became the World Championship (U-19) winners in beach volleyball, which was held in Izmir, Turkey, from September 14 to 18.

In the final, 18-year-old Daria Romanyuk and Eva Serdyuk (coach – Tatiana Sukhina) defeated the American duet of Miraya Massey/Ashley Pater – 2-0 (21:17, 21:18) and became world champions.

Only at the beginning of the match did the Ukrainian women lose (0:2, 1:3), the rest of the time, they controlled the course of events on the court, forcing their opponents to make mistakes: in the first game – 7:5, 9:9, 15:9, 21:17, in the second – 4:2, 10:7, 17:13, 21:18.

During the entire championship, volleyball players from Chornomorsk did not play a single game, winning 7 victories in 7 matches!

This is the first medal of the World Beach Volleyball Championship in the history of Odessa sports!

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