Bees Airline launches its first domestic flight

On October 18, a presentation flight of Bees Airline was made to Odessa from Kyiv. This is the airline’s first domestic flight.

Regular flights of Bees Airline, which operate from Kyiv, will also operate from Odessa.

From the Odessa airport with Bees Airline it will be possible to fly to 6 directions: Ganja, Yerevan, Prague, Tbilisi, Sharm el-Sheikh, Kyiv (Sikorsky airport). Now flights to Ganja, Yerevan, Prague, and Tbilisi will connect the airports of Odessa and Kyiv in transit. Thus, Odessa Airport will become a key transit hub for Bees Airline with a convenient short-term connection.

The Kyiv – Odessa – Kyiv route will operate five days a week, except Wednesday and Saturday. It will be possible to fly from Kyiv to Odessa at 9:00, back to the capital – at 15:00. The ticket price starts at UAH 630.

Today the airline’s fleet consists of four Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

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