Belarus decided to expel three diplomats of Poland from the country

Belarus has decided to expel three Polish diplomats from the territory of the country. Lukasz Jasina, the spokesman for the Polish Foreign Ministry, stated this in a comment to Onet.

We are talking about an officer of the Polish border service and two consuls from the embassy in Grodno.

Yasin did not say anything about the possible reaction in response from Warsaw. The speaker added that the actions of the Polish authorities will be reported as soon as certain measures are taken.

According to Onet, the Polish authorities are now holding consultations on the correct response to such actions of the Belarusian regime.

It is possible that the Polish government will also decide to expel Belarusian diplomats from the territory of the Republic of Poland. “Now all options are on the table,” the resource says.

In early February, it became known that Poland closed one of the largest border checkpoints with Belarus. Due to growing tensions in diplomatic relations with Minsk, Warsaw plans to close even more such checkpoints.

In parallel, the Polish border from Belarus is attacked by illegal migrants. Warsaw claims that Lukashenko’s special services plan such actions.

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