Black and White Swans, Blue Bird and Fairies of Precious Stones: the Odessa Opera showed three Tchaikovsky ballets together

The Odessa Opera Theatre’s realised a gala concert with fragments from the three ballets by Pyotr Tchaikovsky: The Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake and The Nutcracker.

Life during the pandemic prompted the Odessa Opera to measure the temperature at the entrance to the audience and distribute free masks to those who do not have protective equipment with them. Moreover, the Theatre studied how to limit the time of the performances. Now the repertoire includes one-act concert programs, without intermissions, not to crowd in the foyer. And on stage there are wonderful artists who have managed not to lose their magnificent creative form.

The Odessa Opera Theatre’s repertoire contains the three masterpieces by Pyotr Tchaikovsky: the ballets The Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake and The Nutcracker. But today it is not yet possible to show them together in full, so the idea of ​​a gala concert from ballet fragments arose. The result is a kaleidoscope of fabulous images.

“The Sleeping Beauty” reminded of itself with a waltz, a dance of Princess Aurora with gentlemen, a duet of Princess Florina and the Blue Bird and variations of the Fairies of Gems, the filigree technique amazed Alexander Vorobyov (Fairy of Diamonds), Victoria Berezhnaya, Irina Skrynnik, Ekaterina Sapfeki (Fairy and Silver).

And then the audience seemed to be at “Swan Lake”, where noble white birds are circling, Odette (Natalia Kush) turned into a swan yearns, the unrealistically beautiful Prince Siegfried (Dmitry Sharay) is looking for love and the sorcerer Rotbart (Ruslan Talipov) is plotting his intrigues. Usually one ballerina performs the part of Odette-Odile in the performance, but in this case, Honored Artist of Ukraine Elena Dobryanskaya became the “black swan”. And the “deception” was a success: the insidious beauty beckoned the prince, suddenly folding his arms like wings, demonstrating the swan’s bend of the neck, and he believed that Odette was just a dream to him, and the embodiment of the dream was she, Odilia…

Serpentine flexibility of poses and languid oriental flavour – Maria Ryazantseva and Christian Nikulitsa perform an Arabic dance from The Nutcracker (choreography by Vladimir Troshchenko). To carry such twines through quarantine – bravo! Chinese dance, “Trepak”, pas de deux of Masha and the Nutcracker are replacing each other, a waltz is circling all the heroes of an incredible fairy tale, and the audience seems to receive a wonderful gift rustling with sparkling paper, although Christmas is still far away.

By the way, about the audience. It is unpleasant to listen to the audience bickering with the ushers, begging to follow the rules, not to sit down next to them and not to take off their masks in the hall. Discussions are inappropriate, friends: the ushers are forced people, discuss with the government, and the theater workers stop wagging their nerves.

Soloists Anastasia Chernyak, Larisa Gritsai, Natalia Ivasenko, Stanislav Varankin, Daniil Pashchuk, Irina Skrynnik, Viktor Tomashek and others performed with phonogram, so the theater seeks to prevent mass participation in performances. And the orchestra is involved in other concerts – follow the posters!

Source and photos: Dumskaya.net

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