Black swan from Australia caught in Odessa region

Exotic black swan was found in Odessa region and brought to the Odessa Zoo for protection and care.

A rare bird – a black Australian swan – was brought to the Odessa Zoo. Europeans learned about the existence of a black swan only in the 19th century, before that the expression “black swan” meant something impossible.

And so, such a bird settled on a reservoir near the city of Reni. Employees of the Southwestern District of the State Ecological Inspectorate found the bird, caught it and brought it to the Odessa Zoo.

Our bird watchers and veterinarians examined the swan. This is a boy, born in 2019, he is healthy.

How the black swan ended up in the reservoir is unknown. Obviously, he escaped from some private household.

Igor Belyakov, director of the Odessa Zoo

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