BORNY FEST will take place in Odessa on August 14-15, bringing together the current culture of today, namely modern music and visual arts.

The festival will be located in two locations of the city: City’s Garden Summer Theater on Deribasovskaya and PORT Club. The organisers of Borny Fest focus on a qualitatively new wave of performers and iconic representatives of electronic music and art.

One of the headliners of the Summer Theater stage will be the Ragapop trio, an experimental project by Dakh Daughters. The musicians use quotes from outstanding literary works and texts by Ivan Franko in their tracks, mixing them with electronic music.

Kyiv singer STASIK will also perform on the summer stage. This is the author’s project of musician Anastasia Shevchenko. Her music is a powerful poetic and political act in which Nastya is both a musician and an activist artist. It breaks the usual canons of show business, turning a concert performance into an author’s statement.


Six musicians will perform live on the Port stage, including Voin Oruwu, a project by Kyiv musician and producer Dmytro Avksentiev, also known as Koloah. He performed at the first Boiler Room x Cxema and other major festivals and parties in Ukraine and abroad. His music is a multidisciplinary synthesis of technology, science and art.

The name Borny originated during Dima Ehrlikh’s project “bored & horny”, this word can be interpreted as a constant process of birth of something new. Last summer at the closing of the exhibition we decided to organise a small event with performances by musicians and lectures. It turned out to be very interesting and rich, so we decided to add momentum and make the festival bigger. This year’s Borny Fest is a daytime programme with an art market, a radio station, a food court, lectures, an exhibition and a nighttime program with a party, disco and art installations.

Borny Fest will begin at the Summer Theater at 14:00 art market, will continue with lectures and concerts. After 23:00, the second location opens – Port, where electronic musicians will play, and the interior will turn into a total audiovisual installation.

Summer Theater. Deribasovskaya Street
16:00 – 22:00

  • Ragapop
  • Artmarket
  • Lectures from the Museum of Contemporary Art of Odessa
  • Exhibition in the Art Odessa gallery
  • Installations by Dima Ehrlikh, Yulia Radionova, Andriy Siguntsov

Port. Primorska 47/2
23:00 – 12:00

  • Voin Oruwu (live)
  • Radiant Futur (live)
  • Clasps (live)
  • Polje (live)
  • Tertön b2b Wieloroman

Lectures from the Odessa Musum of Modern Art:

  • Dasha Pridibaylo – «PSYCHO! Psyche as a field of politics and art in troubled times”
  • Maria Vtorushina – “Sexuality, body and identity in art”
  • Roman Medny – “Death is in vogue”

Ticket for the entire festival – UAH 500
Day / Night ticket – UAH 300

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