Brave Inventors: the help of the army and the development of Ukrainian inventions

The COSMOLOT company created the Brave Inventors platform for Ukrainian military inventions that can change the war’s course and significantly help the army at the front.

The platform’s purpose is to become a single, organized gathering point for wartime inventors and those interested in acquiring or financing them.

Inventors on the platform can:

  • Place wartime inventions.
  • Talk about developments and prototypes.
  • Find the necessary funding or a mentor.
  • Get more opportunities for cooperation with manufacturers, enterprises and businesses.

The platform is constantly expanding the circle of participants. More than 100 applications from Ukrainian inventors have been submitted for consideration and are being moderated. More than 25 developments seeking support and funding are already on the Brave Inventors website. UAV strike-reconnaissance complexes, energy storage systems, anti-drone guns, an SUV, and many other Ukrainian developments are among them.

The mission of Brave Inventors is to contribute to the victory of Ukraine and its bright future. Draw attention to Ukrainian developments and stimulate inventive activity in Ukraine. We believe that Ukrainian wartime inventions will be recognized at the world level and will be actively used not only in our country but also in allied countries.

“It is important for us to create a better, independent future for Ukraine and bring victory closer. We created Brave Inventors for Ukrainian inventors and their inventions. On our platform, you can post your wartime inventions, talk about your developments and prototypes, find the necessary funding or a mentor, and get more opportunities to cooperate with manufacturers, enterprises and businesses”, Brave Investors.

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