Budhouse Group plans to build 3 shopping malls in Odessa, Zaporizhia and Kyiv

The development company Budhouse Group, one of the largest Ukrainian developers, will invest about EUR 314 million in three shopping centers in the next years: Yessa center (Odessa) – EUR 12 million; Khortitsa Mall (Zaporizhia) – EUR 82 million; Hartz complex (Kyiv) – EUR 220 million.

This summer we are resuming the construction of the Yessa shopping and entertainment center in Odessa, we plan to complete it in about a year and two months, in autumn 2022.

Anatoliy Shkribliak, founder of Budhouse Group

The entrepreneur added that since the project was suspended in 2014, its reconception will be carried out.

In addition, this summer, the construction of the Khortitsa Mall project (the former working title was Fabrika-2 Mall) will begin in Zaporizhia.

This object will be built on a destroyed industrial zone located on the main highway of Zaporizhia. Investments in the construction of a new shopping and entertainment center, with a total area of 85,000 square meters and a lettable area of 65,000 square meters, will amount to about EUR 82 million. In two years and a half this center will become the largest and most favourite in Zaporizhia.

Anatoliy Shkribliak

With regards to Kyiv, the site for the multifunctional complex Hartz in Peremohy Avenue was cleared back in 2011.

The project in the Ukrainian capital should become the “icing on the cake”. We will start its construction after the completion of projects in Odessa and Zaporizhia.

According to him, the estimated payback period for projects is eight years or more.

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