Cargill became majority owner of Neptune grain terminal in Odessa region

The grain terminal Neptune, inaugurated on 6th September 2019, with a design capacity of 5 million tonnes per year, is the largest and deepest deepwater grain terminal in Ukraine. Cargill achieved the majority (51%) of the joint-venture M.V. Cargo LLC for the control of the terminal, located in Yuzhny port (Northern outskirts of Odessa).

The agreement on the construction of the Neptune terminal was signed, in 2016, between Cargill and the Ukrainian brothers Yegor Grebennikov and Andrey Stavnitser. Two years after the launch and in the process of completion, Neptune has become the grain terminal No. 2 on the Black Sea in terms of cargo turnover.

Neptune is strengthening Cargill’s port infrastructure in the Black Sea region, therefore, we continue to invest in the agricultural sector of Ukraine.

Neptune is meeting the growing demand for deep water port infrastructure in Ukraine by giving farmers access to new distant markets.


Neptune handles various types of grains and oilseeds, primarily maize, barley and wheat, with a depth of 16 meters at the terminal berth, which allows it to receive large-tonnage vessels. Cargill is an important user of the terminal, exporting a significant portion of the products purchased in Ukraine from it, but Neptune serves other customers as well.

In short: Cargill had an obligation to enter the project, and we signed to bring the terminal to the level of Cargill’s space standards. Now Yegor and I are practically equal partners with the largest private food corporation in the world.

Andrey Stavnitser, Facebook page

The Ukrainian entrepreneur said that in 2014, when the war broke out, an oil extraction plant in Donetsk was taken away from the U.S. investor, but Cargill was persuaded to make a new investment in Ukraine.

Cargill, as the majority shareholder, will lead the strategic development of the Neptune terminal, with a local team responsible for operational management.

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