Cargo transportation on Dnepr river grew by 62% in January-April 2021

Cargo transportation on the Dnepr River in January-April 2021 increased 62.5% (by 1.2 million tonnes) compared to the same period in 2020, to 3.12 million tonnes of cargo.

According to the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA) with reference to the data of the River Information Service of Ukraine (RIS), 3,465 voyages were carried out during January-April versus 1,694 flights in 2020 (a rise of 104.5%).

The main share of cargo is construction cargo, the volume of transportation of which grew by 126% and reached 1.97 million tonnes. Grain cargo is in second place. Its volume of transportation is actually equal to last year’s indicators and amounts to 804,800 tonnes (a decrease by 2%).


In addition, metal products were actively transported by river. In the four months ended April 2021, the volume of metal transportation by river increased 68.3% and reached 340,000 tonnes.

This year, 4,700 tonnes of petroleum products were also transported by river.

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