Chernomorsk and Ninghai became twinning cities

On May 2021, a significant and very important event in the life of Chernomorsk took place: the signing of the Agreement on the establishment of twinning relations between the city of Chernomorsk (Ukraine) and the city of Ninghai (People’s Republic of China).

The global pandemic has changed the plans of the parties and deprived the delegations of the opportunity to meet. However, a joint decision was made to sign the Agreement online. The ceremony was attended by Chernomorsk Mayor Vasyl Gulyaev, Secretary of the Chernomorsk City Council Elena Sholar, deputy mayors, city council deputies, heads of departments, members of the public and the media.

Colleagues from Ninghai, led by Mayor Teng Anda, Deputy Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in Odessa Ms. Chen Yuzhong, Head of the Odessa District State Administration of the Odessa Region Yuriy Kruk and Head of the International Relations Department of the Odessa Regional State Administration Roman Hryhoryshyn were in touch.

Vasyl Gulyaev, Mayor of Chernomorsk
Photo: Chernomorsk City Council website
Teng Anda, Mayor of Ninghai City
Photo: Chernomorsk City Council website

In order to improve mutual understanding and strengthen friendship between the peoples of Ukraine and China, given the potential of the Black Sea and Ninghai, opportunities for mutually beneficial bilateral cooperation, Mayors Vasily Gulyaev and Teng Anda signed a Cooperation Agreement establishing and developing direct economic and social cultural ties in the fields of regional development, economy, maritime economy, utilities, industry, construction, transport, telecommunications, trade; ecology, science, technology, education; health care and social assistance; culture and art; sports and tourism, etc.

The city of Ninghai and the Chernomorsk are similar in many ways, so their cooperation will be useful and open new opportunities and prospects for development. As soon as it becomes possible, in the near future, the parties to the Agreement will make mutual visits to discuss a joint plan for further work and its implementation.

Later from our city to China as a gift will send A painting (with a view of one of the city’s favourite places the Chernomorsk embankment) by local artist Elena Panasyuk will be send as a gift to Ninghai City and also a towel embroidered by Chernomorsk master Varvara Gotsulyak.

It is worth reminding that to this date, the Chernomorsk city has 9 sister cities: Antalya (Turkey), Poti (Georgia), Sinai (Romania), Maardu (Estonia), Haikou (People’s Republic of China), Tczew (Poland), The 22nd municipality of Rome (Italy), as well as the Bulgarian city of Devnya.

Chernomorsk embankment