Christoph Heusgen: Indecisive support for Ukraine will lead to a stalemate at the front

The West, despite statements, demonstrates a hesitant level of support for Ukraine. This can lead to a stalemate on the battlefield.

It was said by the head of the Munich Conference, Christoph Heusgen, in his material for Tagesspiegel.

In his article, he urged the West not only to proclaim unwavering support for Ukraine, but also to provide it. Heusgen believes that so far the allies’ actions do not correspond to the statements.

The head of the Munich Conference warned that this level of support could lead to a stalemate at the front.

“The current level of gradual and indecisive military support will only lead to a stalemate on the battlefield,” he said.

According to Heusgen, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin misjudged aspects of the war and believed in the strength of his army, support for China, a weak Ukraine, and a divided West.

At the same time, the head of the Munich Conference notes that Putin remains resolute and can win a war of attrition. The West must do everything to break the plans of the head of the Kremlin again.

“We must do everything possible to help Ukraine… We must provide Ukraine with the weapons and ammunition it needs to repel Russia’s aggressive war. Freedom must be protected. The sooner Putin realizes that he will not achieve his goals in Ukraine, then rather, it will be possible to achieve peace and end the suffering of the Ukrainian people.”

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