Classic music under the starry sky

The Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra – June 26-27

What could be better than the classical music under the starry sky of Green Theatre? The Odessa National Philharmonic Orchestra is going to perform on June 26 and 27 the most famous and favorite tunes

Odessites and the guests of the city will enjoy the enchanting music of Mozart, Shostakovich, Piazolla, Strauss and the spiritual works of Dunaevsky. This is an eternal classic and infinitely familiar tacts that resonate in the soul of every true Odessite.

Odessa National Philharmonic Orchestra in Green Theatre, 2019
Odessa National Philharmonic Orchestra, 2019. Conductor: Hobart Earle

June 26, 20:00

Conductor – Vadim Perevoznikov
Soloist – Natalia Tkachuk, soprano

The programme of the concert will include music of Isaac Dunaevsky’s beloved operetta “White Acacia”. For the first time this operetta was performed in Odessa in 1956 and immediately became the hallmark of the city. The idea of ​​“White Acacia” arose in May 1954, when the famous composer Isaac Dunaevsky came to Odessa with the librettists Vladimir Mass and Mikhail Chervinsky.

Also, as part of the concert, music from the Strauss operettas (“Gypsy Baron”), Lehar (“Gold and Silver”, “Judith”) and the Hungarian composer Imre Kalman (“Maritsa” and “Silva”) will be played.

June 27, 20:00

Conductor – Igor Shavruk
Soloist – Anna Stepanova, saxophone

The National Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra has prepared a unique programme “Musicians Smile.” The programme includes Mozart’s “Musical Joke”, Shostakovich’s favorite dances, poles to jazz, cancan and Anderson’s “Trumpeters Parade”. These small, perky and funny works will cheer you up and give sunny smiles and colorful memories.

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