Collage of women from scraps by Odessa artist

“Applicative constructivism”, a personal exhibition of the artist Sergey Kirichenko, is opened until April 16 at the Bleshunov Odessa Municipal Museum of Private Collections (Polskaya street, 19).

Nina from satin, Lena from crimplen: Odessa artist created women from scraps. This is about 30 works from the new series, which are made in the technique of collage from fabrics. The female portraits of the author are depicted in inviting poses, and calico swimsuits and lace underwear.

Museum PR specialists dubbed the fabric collage “a new genre in art”. In the Stepova Ukraine museum, literally on the same days, Violetta Lashkul’s “personal” was opened and a significant part of the exposition there also comprises collages from scraps.

The applique is as old as the world, and a modern person gets to know it almost from the cradle, because appliques are often used to decorate children’s clothes with the suns, bunnies, giraffes made of scraps.

“Partly in the works there are reflections on quarantine, as a creative protest against total distancing,” is written in the annotation to the exhibition. “The portraits are open, emotional, the feeling of closeness and contact with the inhabitants of the world on the other side of the picture plane is very strong.”

Sergey Kirichenko admits that even before the quarantine he tried to experiment with the tarpaulin, but the tarpaulin is stubborn at work: it gathers in folds, wrinkles, glue appears on it, the flaps are displaced. Delicate fabrics were used up to guipure, from which the bras of the most dapper models are made. Ladies, when ordering your portrait to the artist Kirichenko, do not insist on literal similarity, but rather provide it with textured patches.

Sergey Kirichenko

Source and pictures: Dumskaya.net