Container train from China to Odessa via sea route through Vladivostok

A container train was sent from China to Ukraine along another route using a combined rail and sea transport. On its new way, the train will cross a sea section. The route is alternative to the Mongolian one.

The new route runs through the port of Pervomaisky (Vladivostok, Russian Federation). Railway transportation from station Cape Churkin (Russia) via the Russian Railways network is provided by the Eurosib company, via the Ukrzaliznytsia network to Kyiv station.

As part of the first train, 41 40-foot containers were shipped on the 31st 80-foot platform. The containers have already been transported by sea from China to Vladivostok and sent further along the route to Ukraine.

The Ukrainian operator Liski noted that they work to use an alternative route to activate Chinese transit through Ukraine to the EU. It is expected that the sea section of the route (taking into account port operations) will be completed by the train in 10 days, the section along the Russian Railways network in 8.

In the summer of 2020, for the first time, direct container trains between China and Ukraine began to run on a regular basis. Trains followed through the territory of Mongolia and the Russian Federation. Until the end of last year, 22 trips of such trains to Kyiv were carried out.

In June of this year, trains from China also began to go to Odessa.

Source: Centre for Transport Strategy