Crimean MPs to consider law on promotion of contract service among students

Photo: Viktor Korotaev / Kommersant

The prosecutor of the republic invented the bill “On Patriotic Education”. He has already been supported by “United Russia” and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. Verstka informs.

At the beginning of August, Crimean Prosecutor Oleg Kamshilov submitted a draft law on the patriotic education of children and youth to the republican parliament for consideration. The deputies of the State Council said that they were waiting for the end of the holidays to start considering the initiative at the meetings of the standing committees in September.

The prosecutor’s office proposes to “systematically” and “purposefully” form among young Crimeans “a sense of loyalty to their Fatherland, readiness to fulfill civic duty and constitutional obligations to protect the interests of the Motherland.”

Among the 24 areas of patriotic education that Kamshilov singled out in the bill, there is the organization of defense-sports and military-sports camps, patriotic, historical, local history, and geographical clubs. In them, pupils will be told about the prestige of military service and motivated them to “fulfill their duty to protect the Fatherland.”

The prosecutor proposes to entrust schools, colleges, and universities with the formation of a “positive attitude towards military service” among young people. Educational institutions must call on schoolchildren and students to enter military service and then conclude contracts with the Ministry of Defense. Moreover, according to the prosecutor of Crimea, law enforcement agencies and military units should take patronage over educational institutions.

The document will become the main republican law on patriotic education if the deputies support the initiative. Now, as Kamshilov notes in an explanatory note, there is no fundamental law in Crimea that regulates the issues of patriotic education.

The prosecutor’s office will see to it that the law is implemented, said Sergei Dodonov, deputy chairman of the relevant Committee on Education, Science, Youth Policy and Patriotic Education United Russia. The deputy himself supports the initiative. He believes that even if schoolchildren do not become professional soldiers, they will still “transmit the correct civic position in generations.”

Another member of the Committee, communist Ilya Donchenko, positively assessed the idea of ​​motivating schoolchildren to go to serve on a contract basis. “We must understand that we live in turbulent times, and from youth it is important to instill in young people a positive image of a soldier,” Donchenko believes. – On the Internet, on TV, you can see anything. Instead, we need positive images that should pop up constantly.”

In addition to talking about the “prestige of military service”, from September 1, schoolchildren are waiting for “Converstaion about the important.” Patriot class hours with this name will be held in all schools every Monday. Children and teenagers will be told about the “special military operation”, “protection of the population of Donbas,” and “Ukrainian nationalists”.

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