Current operational situation in the South of Ukraine

In the Kherson region, the invaders realized that they had fallen into a legislative trap with a pseudo-referendum and the region’s inclusion in Russia. And while collaborators from the fake government are looking for ways to legalize the illegal actions, Ukrainian flags appear on the streets of temporarily occupied Kherson as evidence that the population does not accept the symbols, government, and way of life imposed by the enemy.

In the Mykolayiv region, the enemy continued to fire artillery and rocket-volley fire. Affecting industrial, urban, and suburban infrastructure, the enemy, also exerts psychological pressure on civilians, forcing them to accept the “Russian peace” instead of fear of shelling.

But Ukrainian missile and artillery units and aircraft inflicted more than 100 strikes on enemy positions during the day. The total losses were: 57 soldiers, 6 units of armored vehicles, and 3 – vehicles.

In the Odessa region, the enemy continues to shake the situation around land corridor from Crimea to Transnistria, the withdrawal of military forces in the unrecognized republic from the west and other horrible fakes over the accumulation of nationalist units in the region.

The ship group in the Black Sea consists of 4 ships and 2 submarines carrying more than 30 Caliber cruise missiles. Therefore, the threat of missile strikes both in the south and throughout Ukraine remains relevant.

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