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Main Culture — "Cutted ear" by Sergei Pudich


"Cutted ear" by Sergei Pudich

06 Feb, 2021
"Cutted ear" by Sergei Pudich

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The Odessa filmmaker's movie received 16 awards at 73 film festivals

The horror film by Odessa filmmaker Sergei Pudich received 16 international awards after being shown at 73 film festivals. It was shot in one day in Kyiv, in a real barber shop on Saksaganskogo street, in the summer of 2019.

The main role is played by Yuri Soloninko and Anton Sebastian. The music for the film was written by the Swiss composer Pontus Weidbeck. This is the third horror film of Sergei Pudich.

According to Sergei Pudich, who acted not only as a director, but also a screenwriter, the film was based on the legend about the cuted ear, which the citizens of the Big Fountain district told to each other during their childhood.

This is the third horror short film for me. This time I tok a decision to shoot according to an urban legend

Sergei Pudich

The brutal biker comes to the barbershop when it was already closed. He asks the barber to open it for him referring to the sign Open till the last cut on the door. The barber rejects the biker, but suddenly he agreed to take a haircut after seeing the earring in his ear.



  • Kamianets-Podilskyi International Film Festival BRUKIVKA – Ukraine
  • Dhaka International Youth Film Festival – India
  • Andromeda Film Festival – Turkey
  • Horror Bowl Movie Awards – India
  • Twin Tiers International Film Festival – USA
  • International Shorts – Australia
  • Glasgow Horror Festival – UK
  • Last Shot Film Festival – USA
  • Skiptown Playhouse International Film Festival – USA
  • Bastalavista International Genre Film Festival – Germany
  • Horror ShowFest – Italy
  • Southport FilmFest – UK
  • Gorst Underground Film Festival – USA
  • Rock Horror Film Festival – Brazil
  • Weird Film Fest – USA
  • Slash Night – USA
  • Changing Face International Film Festival – Australia
  • Picentia Short Film Festival – Italy
  • Two Box Film Fest – Canada
  • Rocky Mountain International Film Festival – USA
  • Indie Short Fest – USA
  • F3FranklyFilmFest – USA
  • Enginuity Film Festival – USA
  • Highlands Film Fest – USA
  • Sonny – Ukraine
  • Highlands Film Fest – USA
  • Dalmatia Film Festival – Croatia
  • Pasadena Horror Film Festival (PHFF) – USA
  • Picture Show Panic – USA
  • Nightmares Film Festival: Masquerade – USA
  • iHorror Film Festival – USA
  • Dickens Horror Film Festival – USA
  • Phoenix FearCON IX – USA
  • Screaming Ostrich international film festival – USA
  • FANtastic Horror Film Festival – USA
  • Dark Arts Film Festival Amsterdam – Netherlands
  • Killer Valley Horror Film Festival – USA
  • Directors Cut Int’l Film Festival – Canada
  • F3: Frankly Film Fest – USA
  • Panama Horror Film Festival – Panama
  • Idaho Horror Film Festival – USA
  • AAL Film Festival NYC – USA
  • Anatomy Crime and Horror International Film Festival – Greece
  • REFF React Film Fest – Italy
  • Night of the Horror Festival – Belgium
  • 16th San Francisco Another Hole in the Head Film Festival – USA
  • Horror-on-Sea Film Festival – UK
  • Lit Scares International Horror Festival – UK
  • The Lonely Wolf: London International Film Festival – UK
  • The Empty Space Film Festival – India
  • Darkveins Horror Fest – Italy
  • Haunted House FearFest UK – UK
  • FIXION Fest, Fantastic & Horror Film Festival – Chile
  • Beijing Indie Short Film Festival – China

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