Defence Intelligence: Due to the lack of people willing to fight, the occupiers are trying to recruit citizens of Central Asian countries into the army

The number of Russian citizens who want to go to war in Ukraine is decreasing. In order to at least partially preserve the possibility of forming new reserves, the Kremlin leadership is increasingly trying to attract foreign citizens to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. The Moscow region takes the lead in this matter – for the formation of new army units, the local leadership instructed the employees of military commissariats and police departments to “conduct campaigning activities” with citizens of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan. In addition to the financial incentive, those who agree to sign the contract and go to Ukraine are offered Russian citizenship.

At the same time, the formation and preparation of four battalions for sending to the war in Ukraine continues in Chechnya. A significant part of the “volunteers” in the formed battalions are local young men kidnapped by Chechen security forces, mainly from the countryside.

Under the threat of criminal prosecution on fabricated charges or under torture, they are forced to sign contracts to participate in the war in Ukraine.

The practice of abducting men to fill volunteer military units fighting in Ukraine at the behest of Moscow is causing waves of discontent among the residents of Chechnya. Citizens of the republic are outraged by the fact that Kadyrov is sending Muslims to participate and die in a “foreign” war between two Christian nations – Russians and Ukrainians. Such a policy of Kadyrov is perceived as a betrayal of Muslims.

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