In Kherson, the Russians equip a bomb shelter at a cotton factory and buy inflatable boats

In Kherson, the occupiers are looking for underground protected premises in which bomb shelters can be equipped. During the inspection of the underground communications of the Kherson cotton plant, the surveyors tried to find out whether it was possible to place 40 units of military equipment in them. They also took photos of the premises and searched for a map of the tunnels. During the inspection, it turned out that the tunnels were equipped with a shelter for enterprise employees, where a supply of food and water was created. That same night, the occupiers broke the locks from the premises and stole all the supplies.

In the temporarily occupied Chornobayivka, Kherson region, the enemy is destroying the telecommunication networks of Ukrainian providers who refused to cooperate with the occupation administration. Switching cabinets are dismantled, fiber-optic and copper cables are cut.

A ban on payment transactions in Ukrainian currency on local markets has also been introduced. Terminals and ATMs that supported hryvnia transactions are being dismantled.

In the village of Henicheska Hirka, on the Arabatskaya Strylka, representatives of the occupation administration warned the owners of the “Sokil” children’s camp, the “Bilyy Lebyd” recreation center, the “Prybiy” and “Arabatca club” boarding houses about the “nationalization” (capture) of the objects. These complexes are planned to be used as bases for the location and rest of the occupying forces.

At the same time, in the village of Antonivka, the occupiers are massively buying up and seizing all available swimming equipment. Including inflatable boats and mattresses.

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