Defence Intelligence: “It’s not even mobilization, it’s just slavery. People are literally sent to slaughter.”

The representative of the GUR of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine told the Internet publication “Apostrophe” about the peculiarities of the mobilization of the population of the so-called LPR and DPR to the Russian occupation forces.

“We see the policy of attitude of the Russians and the Russian Federation towards the residents of ORDLO as inferior people. As long as hidden mobilization continues in Russia, where they try to motivate someone with money, stimulate with some illusory payments or campaign with an ideological goal, through propaganda channels, everything is simple in ORDLO. There is no agitation there, people are simply raked in the streets. There is information that, for example, a meeting of representatives of the occupation administration with enterprises was recently held in Luhansk, where it was proven that soon it is necessary to mobilize another 8 thousand men under the age of 60. Of course, this is a huge number.

Why is this done? In order to make up for the losses, to restore the fighting capacity of the units. First of all, we are talking about the so-called 2nd Army Corps. So yes, it’s cannon fodder. From the very beginning, residents of ORDLO – even those with Russian passports – were used as cannon fodder for combat reconnaissance. Badly trained and with bad ammunition, they were thrown into difficult areas of the front. Instead, the Russians were treated in a completely different way.

Therefore, this is a great signal for everyone who, perhaps, is still pleasing themselves that the “Russian measure” is something good. Let’s see what is happening on the territory of ORDLO. There is certainly no possibility of any public opinion or opposition. It is even less than in the territory of the Russian Federation itself. Although there were cases of protests and appeals, no one listened to the people there. Therefore, yes, this is forced mobilization in its worst and most disgusting form. People are trying to make a silent resistance. Enterprises literally hide qualified employees without whom they cannot work. Mothers bury their children and husbands, realizing that certain death awaits them in this Putin war against Ukraine. Nevertheless, Putin’s punitive occupation machine is at work, and people are forcibly taken away, even stopped at intersections, and dragged from their own cars.

The mobilization campaign on the territory of Russia itself is unsatisfactory. It is also unsatisfactory in occupied Crimea. That is, the plans are not fulfilled. The only place where they can quickly, without any fear, without any regard for public opinion, replenish the staff with manpower is, in fact, ORDLO. There are no civil rights and freedoms there; no laws apply there. Therefore, the most brutal mobilization campaign is taking place there. It’s not even mobilization, it’s just slavery. People are literally sent to slaughter. This is genocide,” said Andrii Yusov.

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