Defence Intelligence: more details on the killing of Ukrainian prisoners of war

Some circumstances of the killing of Ukrainian prisoners of war in the colony in Yelenovka village (Donetsk region), which housed Ukrainian prisoners of war, including members of the Azov regiment, were disclosed.

So-called investigators interrogated prisoners. “MDB DNR” together with representatives of PMC “Wagner” and FSB of the Russian Federation. Physical torture and beatings were actively used during interrogations. Such measures, first of all, were aimed not at obtaining certain confidential information but at bullying, physical humiliation, and psychological demoralization to break Ukrainian soldiers’ moral and psychological qualities. In the case of the implementation of the mentioned plan, the FSB representatives planned to involve Ukrainian prisoners in filming in pro-Russian reports. The purpose of the broadcast was to highlight the prisoners’ recognition of “crimes committed by them, atrocities against the local population, the fighters’ renunciation of their views, as well as condemnation of the actions of the leadership of Ukraine.”

Interrogations were conducted on a regular basis, but were unsuccessful. Ukrainian prisoners showed exceptional courage and indomitable willpower.

The Russian side had no intention of exchanging prisoners of war and, to hide the improper conditions and forms of interrogation of Ukrainian servicemen (which could serve as an evidence base at the Hague Court), deliberately destroyed the prisoners. According to the available data, the detonation of the place where the Ukrainian soldiers were held was carried out by the fighters of the “Wagner” PMC using a highly flammable substance, which led to the rapid spread of the fire in the premises.

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