Defence Intelligence: Russian civilian aviators are participating in the war against Ukraine

Pilots and aviation personnel of Russian state airlines operating within the structure of the Ministry of Defense of the occupying country are involved in the Russian military aggression against Ukraine.

Crews of An-124-100 and IL-76 MD aircraft have repeatedly transported personnel, weapons, and military equipment to participate in the war against the people of Ukraine.

In social networks and private conversations, the pilots express dissatisfaction with their participation in combat operations, complain about the impossibility for themselves and family members to go abroad, and discuss their prosecution and punishment for war crimes after Russia’s inevitable military defeat.

The Military Intelligence of Ukraine publishes a list of war criminals – employees of the “State Airline “224 flight detachment” enterprise (place of deployment Mihalovo airfield) and reminds us that all war criminals will be exposed and prosecuted for crimes against the civilian population of Ukraine.

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