Defence Intelligence: Russian pilots want to “surrender” their leadership in the international tribunal

The crews of the occupying aircraft are aware that their leadership will shift the responsibility for war crimes to the perpetrators.

Russian pilots are collecting confirmations of the orders they received and plan to submit them to an international tribunal over the leadership of the Russian Federation. The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine writes about this in his Telegram.

The intelligence noted that the Russian invaders are trying to hide their participation in the commission of crimes against the people of Ukraine.

“The crews of the aircraft that launched missiles at civilians in Ukraine are already aware that the leadership of the Russian army will continue to shift responsibility for war crimes to the direct perpetrators. The pilots are collecting documentary evidence of the orders they received, which they plan to submit to the international tribunal over the leadership of the Russian Federation in the future, “ – the message says.

Also, the invaders from the Aerospace Forces of Russia “are trying to destroy any evidence of their participation in the killings of the civilian population of Ukraine.”

“By bribing and offering bribes, the occupiers are trying to remove information about themselves from combat orders and instructions,” the intelligence service noted.

It is noted that the military intelligence of Ukraine publishes the personal data of the command staff of the 52nd heavy bomber aviation regiment (Shaykovka, Kaluga region) and the 121st heavy bomber aviation regiment (Engels, Saratov region) of the 22nd heavy bomber aviation division (Engels), whose personnel are involved in the application of missile strikes from Tu-22M3 and Tu-160 aircraft with Kh-22, Kh-555, Kh-101 cruise missiles against Ukrainian cities.

On May 19, the European Parliament supported the creation of a special international tribunal to investigate war crimes by Russia and its allies against Ukraine. It was also supported by PACE. The Tribunal aims to bring Russian President Vladimir Putin and his inner circle to justice.

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