Defence Intelligence: Russian troops redeployed in Crimea after a series of explosions

After a series of explosions in the annexed Crimea, the Russian military redeployed part of the Russian Black Sea Fleet personnel to Novorossiysk and distributed the aviation in Crimea to airfields on the territory of Russia. The representative of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Vadym Skibitsky, informed Krym.Realii about this.

“Measures were carried out in the Black Sea Fleet; those personnel who are not directly involved and have auxiliary functions were relocated from the military headquarters to Novorossiysk. We do not rule out that some warships and supply vessels will also be moved from Sevastopol to Novorossiysk. To avoid getting hit. As for the movements, the grouping in Crimea has not changed on the Crimean peninsula, apart from the fact that aviation has been redeployed, its concentration on airfields of the Russian Federation, air defense has been strengthened due to the transfer of additional air defense forces and means,” Vadim Skibitsky said.

At the same time, the representative of the military intelligence of Ukraine noted that the Russian troops in Crimea began to “take a closer look at such concepts as the terrorist threat, the threat from the air, they constantly practice these issues during exercises.”

According to Vadym Skibitsky, the Russian army continues to move military equipment, ammunition, and personnel through Crimea, using the Kerch bridge for this purpose, the protection of which “has been strengthened since the beginning of the war, primarily due to anti-aircraft defense and a special counterintelligence regime.”

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