Defence Intelligence: Russians try to involve Libyan cadets and participants in hostilities in Syria and Chechnya in the war with Ukraine

Students of the Mikhailovsky Military Artillery Academy (St. Petersburg), who are undergoing internships in Libya, may soon join the occupation army. The command of the academy is taking measures to return students to the territory of the Russian Federation and involve them in hostilities against Ukraine.

The Russians are also looking for servicemen who can agree to take part in the armed aggression on the territory of Ukraine.

To this end, they are even reducing the composition of the Russian group in the Syrian Arab Republic.

In recent days, organizational and staffing changes have been made in this group. As a result, 200 positions in the Aleppo tactical group were reduced. It is expected that after the return of the reduced troops, they will be immediately sent to the areas of hostilities.

In general, the Russian military command is showing considerable interest in the military personnel who fought in Syria and Chechnya. Currently, measures are being taken to involve them in the occupation army. The main regions of the mobilization campaign: Krasnodar Territory, Perm Krai, the Republic of Dagestan, Ingushetia, Kalmykia. These actions are accompanied by a powerful propaganda campaign against the “Nazi / punitive” regime in Ukraine.

Also important is the material and financial aspect, which in the context of restrictive sanctions against the United States and Western countries is tangible for the population of Russia. The information is confirmed that the participants of hostilities on the territory of Ukraine are additionally motivated by the opportunity to improve their financial situation at the expense of “trophies”.

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