Defence Intelligence: The invaders replenish the shortage of officers at the expense of non-commissioned officers

Against the background of large combat losses in the army of the Russian Federation, there was a shortage of officers. In order to somehow fill these vacancies, the mass assignment of the officer rank of junior lieutenant to non-commissioned officers without relevant experience and education has begun.

Another reason for the shortage of personnel is the reluctance of servicemen of the Armed Forces and the Russian Guard from the Far Eastern regions to participate in military operations on the territory of Ukraine. Since they are often included in the composition of the so-called “combined units”, which are not formed on a professional basis. As a result, a large number of soldiers in them do not have proper training, which leads to an additional increase in losses.

Many occupiers who participated in hostilities do not want to return to their units, citing health problems as their refusal. To prevent the “drain of personnel”, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation leadership is forming military medical commissions. Their main task is to identify servicemen who fake illnesses and injuries to avoid participating in combat operations.

On the territory of the Rostov region, in small settlements, active mobilization training for conscripts is taking place. Regional military commissariats recruit young people who have served in the military and have artillery experience. Persons who served in the infantry are enrolled in the military reserve. They are informed about the need to arrive on call for the rotation of servicemen currently participating in the war against Ukraine (specific terms are not announced). Now, from almost every village in the Rostov region, from seven to ten local residents have been called up for military service.

At the same time, in the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation, bordering Ukraine, local residents began massively destroying their property in order to receive compensation from the authorities for alleged shelling from Ukraine. In the region, the number of complaints to the authorities regarding their inability to ensure quality repair of damaged buildings is increasing.

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