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Main Business — 7 companies presenting Ukraine at the Middle East Organic and Natural Expo Dubai 2021


7 companies presenting Ukraine at the Middle East Organic and Natural Expo Dubai 2021

08 Dec, 2021
7 companies presenting Ukraine at the Middle East Organic and Natural Expo Dubai 2021

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7 leading Ukrainian organic producers of berries, oils, cereals, fruits, milk products, snacks and legumes that are certified according to the main organic standards, are presenting Ukraine at the Ukrainian Pavilion at the Middle East Organic and Natural Expo Dubai 2021 in Dubai World Trade Centre.

The majority of organic operators in Ukraine are certified according to the EU organic standard. In addition, Ukrainian organic operators are often certified according to the US National Organic Programme (NOP) and/or Canada Organic Regime (COR), Bio Suisse (Switzerland), Naturland and Bioland (Germany), JAS (Japan), and KRAV (Sweden).

Alta Kraina Company

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Alta Kraina Company is a leading exporter in agrofood sector from Ukraine, as well as producer and a professional agent in the international market for the food industry. They supply a wide range and variety of organic fruit purées, concentrated juices, freeze-dry and frozen IQF berries. All the products are manufactured in accordance with FSS C22000, BRC and Organic certification.

Product list:

  • Wild frozen berries: blueberry, elderberry, blackberry, chokeberry, lingonberry, rosehip, cranberry, etc;
  • Cultivated frozen berries: raspberry, strawberry, black and red currants, sour cherry, dogwood berry, etc;
  • Freeze-dry berry: blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, chokeberry, etc;
  • Fruit Juice Concentrate: Apple, Sour Cherry, Elderberry, Blackberry, etc;
  • Dried mushrooms: Boletus Edulis, Chantare

+380 48 737 37 12
10 K. Komarova St, office 406, 65101, Odesa City Ukraine

Health Traditions

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Honey Amaranth Blend is a functional food based on organic honey and amaranth seed germ. Main idea of the company is to enrich honey with vital micro- and macronutrients that are rarely found in the daily diet.
Among these elements is squalene, which is found in amaranth.


  • Honey Amaranth Blend

Certified organic honey is produced in small quantities in organic apiaries, located away from roads and industries. The technology of mixing the ingredients at ultra-low speeds prevents the heating of honey, so the product remains raw, natural, retains all the valuable elements. This technology is the result of five years of development. Patented kneading and processing technology at low temperatures (91F / 33С).

+380 50 571 50 50


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Liqberry is a family business focused on the production of organic berry pastes. The products are manufactured by an innovative HTD technology that has no analogues in the world.

The essence of the technology is the grinding of the berry in an oxygen-free chamber, which allows to enrich the paste with useful substances from the peel and seeds, including polyphenols, anthocyanins, etc. Berry pastes do not contain water, sugar, preservatives, and colorants; only organic raw materials are used in the production process.

Liqberry products are functional foods that help to improve general physical condition and are used for the prevention of various diseases and facilitation of their treatment. Useful properties of the berry pastes have been confirmed by numerous scientific studies. The product is recommended as a tonic and as an additional source of vitamins, macro-and micronutrients.

+38 050 3111011


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«Interagrocom» team is a qualified expert and leader in the world of natural, fresh and healthy food. Their goal is to sell clean organic products that are healthy.

«Interagrocom» is an agricultural company which is located in western part of Ukraine near the border between Romania and Ukraine. They are working in the fruit business during the last 15 year. Today they harvest from more than 300 hectares such products as apples, pears and plums organic plantations which are certified according to the EU Regulation.

They are also collect a lot of wild apples, pears, some kinds of berries and mushrooms from the part of Carpathians
mountains which is certified also as Organic. The company structure includes more than 25 units of trucks which help us to supply raw material for some of the Ukrainian producing facilities.

Product list:

  • Organic Apple Concentrate
  • Organic Apple Puree
  • Organic Apple Chips, Sliced and Peeled
  • Organic Frozen Berries (elderberry, raspberry, sea buckthorn, blackberry)
  • Cep

+38 050 530 09 65
117 Nezalezhnosti st., Kitsman city, Chernivtsi region, Ukraine

Organic Milk LLC

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Organic Milk LLC has become the first company at the local market of organic milk products that carries its business activity in closed production cycle, from raw materials production to promotion of high-level processed products at the market. As the local company with the European experience, eco-friendly production standards and up-to-date technologies, we supply the product with the additional properties, among which are safety and health, eco-friendly aesthetics, ancestral traditions in agro production.

The company has the fully completed production cycle from forage growing, food animal keeping to raw milk processing and finished product manufacturing. The modern farm complex of European design and up-to-date hi tech milk processing factory allow achieving of the best product quality results.

The products of Organic Milk LLC are unique for the local market because they are healthful, safe for consumption, tasty and provide large cooking possibilities. The peculiarity of the products is, first of all, the fact that only organic milk and lactic acid bacteria, conforming to the international regulations of organic production, are used in milk and dairy product manufacturing.

Product list:

  • Classic white yogurt (with probiotic)
  • Yogurt thermostatic (with probiotic)
  • Cottage cheese and hard cheese
  • Cream and cream butter
  • Milk fat free, lactose free
  • Ayran
  • Drinking bifidoyogurt
  • Kefir, lactose free
  • Soft Mozzarella cheese in Brine
  • Brine "Suluguni"

+380 (4144) 3-15-15
Ukraine, 12700, Zhytomyr region, Baranivka, Zviagelska Str., 139

Organic Original LLC

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Organic Original LLC is one of the pioneers and leaders in Ukraine’s organic market. The company has been annually certified with European organic Certification for 11 consecutive years. As well as ISO 22000 certification.

Capacity of producing corn puffs up to 200 000 packs per month. Sweet tasting products include: raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, coconut.

The company's experience in exporting to the U.S.A., Germany, Lithuania, Moldova and Vietnam. The products have also attracted the attention in Europe after Ecorod cold-pressed sunflower oil was awarded as the Best Organic Product in Eastern Europe at the Organic Marketing Forum in Warsaw in 2013.

Product list:

  • different types of flour — wheat flour, spelt flour, rye flour, whole grain flour etc;
  • assortment of groats — spelt, barley, millet, buckwheat etc;
  • legumes — chickpea, lentils, mung bean etc;
  • corn sticks with freeze-dried berrie

+38 (067) 506 01 11
04074, Ukraine, Kyiv


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Ukroliya is a leader of Ukrainian high-oleic organic and linoleic organic sunflower oils and organic sunflower cake market.

The key reason for the successful development of our company is the formation of agro-industrial clusters based on industrial enterprise. At Ukroliya we form local associations with farmers — suppliers of organic raw materials, processors and consumers of secondary processed products for the primary purpose of mutually beneficial cooperation.

Ukroliya is certified according to the standard of organic products of the European Union and corresponds to the Swiss standard BIOSUISSE, to the US standard NOP and to the Canadian standard COR.


  • High oleic organic sunflower oil crude and refined
  • Linoleic sunflower oil crude and refined

+38 (0532) 64-20-40
4 Sadova Str., 38521, Cernechuy Yar village, Dikanka district, Poltava region. Ukraine

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