Defence Intelligence: The Kremlin is demonstratively punishing the commanders of the occupying forces for the defeats in Ukraine

During the Russian-Ukrainian war, the Russian occupation forces failed to accomplish any strategic tasks pathetically announced by Putin in his February 23rd speech.

The “invincible and legendary” army turned out to be a horde of murderers, looters, rapists, and cowards led by bad guys and thieves. The incompetence of the Russian military leadership has exceeded all expectations of the world community.

To reduce the consequences of future political and criminal responsibility, the Kremlin is trying to blame all the failures and defeats of the commanders of the occupation forces and units. The leadership of the occupying country began searching for the culprits in the “best Stalinist traditions.”

Thus, Vice Admiral Igor Osipov, Commander of the Black Sea Fleet, was removed from office and arrested for the “heroic loss” of the pride of the Russian Black Sea Fleet cruiser “Moscow”. Investigative actions have also been launched against his first deputy vice-admiral, Serhiy Pinchuk.

Vladislav Yershov, who commanded the Sixth Army of the Russian Federation, was removed for unprecedented losses of personnel, weapons and military equipment.

For the same reasons, the commander of the first tank army of the Western Military District, Lieutenant General Serhiy Kisel, was removed. “Contrary to the order of the top leadership”, the general sent convicts to carry out punitive operations on the territory of Ukraine.

Due to unsatisfactory performance of the set tasks, Major General Arkady Marzoev was removed from the post of Commander of the 22nd AK of the Southern Military District in Crimea.

The commander of the 103rd separate brigade of logistics, Colonel Mikhail Ponomarev, was also removed from office.

All these demonstrative punishments only contribute to the spread of distrust among the occupiers towards their commanders. The military leaders of the aggressor country continue to impress the world with their incompetence and desire for self-destruction.

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