Defence Intelligence: The occupiers are placing their personnel in a Ukrainian penal colony

The occupiers took to Kherson all the convicts and staff from the G10 penal colony in the temporarily occupied village of Daryivka in the Kherson region. It is known that they were assigned to correctional colonies №7 (Gola Pristan) and №90 (Kherson). Currently, colony № 10 is used by the racists as the residence of the occupying army personnel. There are also military equipment on the territory.

According to the received data, approximately from the middle of June, the occupiers will stop supplying funds and “humanitarian aid” to the captured Mariupol. It is expected that this will further exacerbate the humanitarian catastrophe in the city.

In the Shevchenkove village of the Kharkiv region, the Russian military is asking at a local bazaar where Ukrainian-made ammunition can be purchased. The reason for their interest is explained by the desire to commit a “crossbow”, pretending to be a battle wound. We hope that this will allow returning home.

Kidnapping have increased in Kupyansk, Velykyi Burluk, Shevchenkovo, and Izyum in the Kharkiv region. Most often, it is men from 18 to 60 years and young women. The kidnapping is linked to the “work” of Russian special services in the occupied part of the region. Currently, all routes to Ukraine-controlled territories are blocked. Cars that people try to evacuate are carefully filtered and returned.

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