Defence Intelligence: The occupiers are trying to rebuild the airfield in Melitopol with the help of a local concrete plant

The occupiers in Melitopol are trying to restore the airfield runway at the former base of the 25th transport aviation brigade. For this purpose, the capacity of the concrete production plant “Monolit Plus” was partially restored. However, it is unlikely that the runway will be completely repaired and put into operation in the near future. After all, technologically, such works require 21-28 days for the concrete to gain the necessary strength and withstand a load of aircraft and other equipment without losing its properties.

The occupiers plan to use the capacity of the concrete plant to strengthen the defense lines by creating long-term firing points on a reinforced concrete base.

Also, in the temporarily occupied Melitopol near the elevator, the presence of an enemy freight train was established. It consists of 8 covered cargo wagons with the inscription “agro-frigate”. Wagons are loaded with grain crops. In the future, they plan to take them to the territory of the Russian Federation illegally.

The building, which housed the structural unit of the State Security Service in Melitopol, is used to house detained Ukrainian citizens.

There is evidence that detainees are tortured.

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