Defence Intelligence: The occupiers plan to strengthen the defense of Crimea with “Moscovites”, “St. Petersburgers” and conscripts

As it became known, the military commissariats of even the Moscow and Leningrad regions, including Moscow and St. Petersburg, received instructions regarding the mass conscription of local residents for military service.

“Moscovites” and “St. Petersburgers” called up during covert mobilization will be equipped with military units stationed in Crimea.

In addition, to resupply the military units of the Russin Federation stationed in the occupied territory of the Republic of Crimea and strengthen the defense of the Crimean Peninsula, the commander of the Southern Military District, Army General Oleksandr Volodymyrovych Dvornikov(the so-called “Syrian Butcher”) decided to send 1,200 to Crimea conscript servicemen.

Since combat operations are not yet being conducted on the Autonomous Republic of Crimea territory, these servicemen are not offered to sign a contract, which may indicate cost savings and reluctance to pay all the allowances specified by the legislation of the Russian Federation. 1,200 conscripts will serve and die under the blows of Ukrainian troops and at the hands of “partisans” for a conscript’s salary, which is about 5 thousand rubles (about 82 US dollars). The saving of Russian state funds will also occur due to non-payment of compensation in the event of the death of servicemen, because the Russian Federation denies the participation of conscripts in hostilities.