Defence Intelligence: The terrorist country is trying to use Ukrainian journalists to conduct information and psychological operations

The Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine warns that in the near future, a complex and large-scale introduction of fake news by the enemy is expected, which will be carried out with the involvement of the entire spectrum of modern information means and is aimed at undermining trust in Ukraine on the part of Western partners.

According to the assessments of the military intelligence of Ukraine, the special services of the aggressor country plan to contact Ukrainian journalists on behalf of popular Western medias with proposals to provide information about the state of the Ukrainian economy, the political situation in the country and the activities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The purpose of the special services of the terrorist country is to reduce military aid to Ukraine from foreign partners and collect information about the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the military-industrial complex of our country.

We urge the journalistic community to check the sources from which proposals for cooperation come carefully.

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