Defence Intelligence: The Yenakiev metallurgical plant stops work due to the “mobilization” of workers, and a training camp for “prisoners” was organized in occupied Torez

The occupiers set up a training camp for convicts from the Russian Federation on a training ground near the temporarily occupied Torez. Currently, the delivery to the “personnel” camp is in progress.

The recruitment of prisoners held in prisons on the territory of the DPR has begun. The “recruits” are to replenish the composition of the so-called “Somalia” battalion, 100 separate motorized rifle brigades and 9 separate motorized rifle regiments of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Potential “contract workers” are selected based on physical criteria and the presence of combat experience. The criminal article and the prison term do not affect the selection. At the same time, a small number of those willing to sign a contract is noted.

The authorities of the “DPR” revoked the previously issued documents on deferment/exemption from mobilization. In this regard, it is planned to “mobilize” from 200 to 500 workers of the Yenakiiv metallurgical plant. Due to the lack of personnel, production at the plant is “temporarily suspended”.

Residents of the occupied regions of Donetsk region, who were part of the occupying forces, after fleeing from Kharkiv region, received short-term vacations – until September 17. But in the specified period, more than half of the mobilized did not arrive at the place of assembly in the military unit in Torez.

In the occupied Crimea, men were forbidden to leave the country without the permission of the military commissar. In order to prepare the necessary documents, it is necessary to inform the purpose of departure, the place of stay and the terms of return to the place of registration.

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