Denis Monastyrsky: Buying and keeping weapons should only be based on clear permit criteria

In an interview with one of the publications, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Denys Monastyrsky, spoke about expanding the list of weapons among the civilian population.

The Interior Minister said that a full-scale war against Ukraine had shown that the tens of thousands of weapons distributed by the authorities to the defense forces were direct evidence that Ukrainians knew how to “own weapons.”

“For me, this is reason to believe that Ukrainians can be allowed to buy and store weapons to protect their own homes. However, it should only be based on clear criteria for authorization and defined responsibilities. The post-war call to surrender weapons will not be heard, as most Ukrainians will continue to feel dangerous,” the minister said.

Denis Monastyrsky emphasizes that possession of short-barreled weapons at the legal level will be a precautionary measure in anticipation of a “sharp post-war increase in crime.”

The Ministry of Internal Affairs expects the Verkhovna Rada to prepare for the second reading of a bill on the circulation of civilian weapons, which will be ready in two months.

During the interview, Denis Monastyrsky said that this issue caused much discussion. Most Ukrainians support the decision as the Russian invasion approaches its fifth month.

In May, Rating conducted a poll showing that 58% of Ukrainians support civilian weapons, while 39% oppose it: “This was the first poll to show that the number of those who support granting firearms has increased than twice “, – Denis Monastyrsky emphasized.

We remind you that in May an online poll was conducted in “Actions”, which was conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Finance on behalf of the President. 58% believe Ukrainian society is ready to expand the list of permitted firearms.

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