Denys Monastyrsky told how he managed to exchange commanders from Azovstal

The commanders from Azovstal, who were exchanged on September 21, did not know where they were being taken.

The exchange procedure was very long and secret, as there were constant clarifications on this matter.

This was announced on September 22 at a press conference by Interior Minister Denys Monastyrsky.

“The guys were exhausted. We participated in the exchange in Ankara. It dragged on until 12:00. The procedure itself was very long. There were constant clarifications. The guys didn’t know where they were going. They didn’t understand where they were. I’m talking about commanders from Azov, the National Guard, and the Marine Corps – Denis Prokopenko, Svyatoslav Palamar, Denis Schlege and others,” Monastyrsky said.

The minister added that the Ukrainian prisoners of war were in different prisons – on the territory of the Russian Federation and in the infamous Yelenovka.

“They were in solitary confinement on the territory of the Russian Federation. Some were in Yelenovka. The guys didn’t know where they were going, to the stage or certain trials with which they were threatened. When we met them, they asked who else was exchanged,” Monstyrsky said.

Monastyrsky also noted the efforts of foreigners who will help Ukraine to carry out the exchange.

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